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Železnička bb
23000 Zrenjanin, Serbia
Tel/fax: +381 23 512 962

Srpski About Us
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We are mainly manufacturing high quality furniture made of the best materials, as well as full interior design and furnishing, as per your draft order or by our own design. We always try to propose original ideas for the furniture itself, and the furnishing of your entire space, whether it is a household, a commercial space, a retail or catering facility. As experienced consultants, we do our best to advise you in making choices in creation of your furniture. Our prices are affordable, in fact very reasonable. However, we must take into account that price is a specific guideline to indicate differences in quality.

MZproject consists of a workshop for processing massive wood, mounting and varnishing facility, and employs qualified craftsmen who are trained to work in the workshop itself, and outside of it as well. We perform locksmith and upholstery works including all the accompanying works to equip your residential or business premises.
Our construction may be made either of solid wood (soft and hard), board materials and metal or various combinations of these, all in order to achieve satisfactory constructional and aesthetic solutions. We use various techniques of surface treatment and wood protection.

We also repair, renovate and recycle furniture and carry out joinery. Our great advantage is that we are able to perform all kinds of works in your own area, from designing up to installation of the furtinture. Your space and furniture will be left clean after these works.
Besides furniture, we manufacture various high quality wooden and metal constructions for everyday use or special purposes - benches, tables, workshop tables, separation walls (wood, glass, metal), mosquito nets on doors and windows, etc. - whatever you imagine!

We have also specialized in the production of children's furniture, office furniture and furniture for preschool and school facilities, and we also repair and renovate school inventory both in our workshop and, if necessary on the spot in your school.

We design furniture, which is produced by each customer’s individual requirements and tailored to adjust to the given space and to be coordinated with the rest of the room. Design does not mean only calculating the costs per square meter. It means that we together discuss your needs, desires, expectations and possibilities in order to help you in choosing the style, materials, color and other details. Before we begin with designing, our team can visit you if necessary, to assess the space and make precise measurements to avoid any possibility of a mistake. After agreeing in all details we approach to drawing up a scheme, which can be modified as long as it is necessary till the best solution is found, that meets all your needs considering your lifestyle, work and financial capabilities. All these services are free. After accepting the draft and cost calculation, we begin with the production of your furniture, always within agreed deadlines.