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23000 Zrenjanin, Serbia
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Srpski History
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INewspaper clipping from the 1920s. In addition to sales salon in Petrovgrad (now Zrenjanin), sales salons were located in Novi Sad and Split..

Being engaged in wood processing since his early childhood, the founder of MZproject Zoltán Meleghy tried to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and after completing his higher education, and after rich experience in related technical professions, in 2002 Zoltán Meleghy established his own firm. His desire was to continue the family tradition which dates back to the end of the XIX. century when the well known MELEGHY furniture factory was established, which operated until the end of II World War.

Since its foundation in 2002 MZproject has made progress both in machinery and technology and in number of employees as well. At the beginning there were only two employees at the workshop, yet it has evolved into a company that now operates in many places around Zrenjanin and throughout the territory of Middle Banat.
The quality is guaranteed by the craftsmanship and the working experience of the staff of MZproject in the timber industry, and almost a century of family tradition in furniture production.